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TAYLOR, London & USA

JERRY, London & USA


Full Gym in London, Dumbbells and Bands in USA

After getting sent home from university and the various London lockdowns drastically changing my workout routines, I decided to start training with Chris. Motivation is something I struggle with and Chris has always been very encouraging and coaches me to work hard. Rather than exercising for the sake of it, I now feel like I’m working towards goals and noticing differences in myself. I’m now back at university in the United States and Chris has been very flexible with time zones and unpredictable schedules. I was nervous to continue training once I didn’t have access to the exercise machines we have in London but I’ve been able to get just as much strength and training in with barely any equipment! Chris is always up for conversation and there are always fun moments during training. His friendliness really makes me look forward to working out, even during the early morning training sessions!


London, Concept 2 Rower, Concept Bike Erg, Hex Dumbbells, Paralettes Bars. USA, Air Assault Bike, Boxing Equipment & Weights 

“Chris takes training to the next level and this has allowed me to achieve more than I thought I was capable of. 

He has expertise in sports physiology and science, including nutrition, which he uses to plan my workouts.

I’ve built muscle, lost fat and increased my cardio fitness beyond what I thought was possible. His expertise on the rower has also driven me to be a competitive rower, joining championships which I would never have done before training with Chris. 

The bottom-line is Chris’ expertise, encouragement and enthusiasm have brought my strength and fitness to a level I never thought be possible.”

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